Hi, I’m Constantina and welcome to my website!
I am an artist, illustrator and graphic designer from Montreal.

I grew up in a Montreal city neighborhood in the 1960s with many friends of different ages 
and ethnic backgrounds and I have lived in this beautiful city all my life. My childhood was memorable in school because I was encouraged by teachers to draw and make crafts and 
participate in numerous other creative school presentations. At home there were frequent 
cultural celebrations involving a lot of Greek cooking and music and inviting many family 
members who often recounted stories from their life in Greece that were sometimes sad 
and sometimes hilarious.

Inspired by my creative life as a child, I later studied fine art and graphic design and 

although my dream was to become an art teacher, I was led to technical illustration and 
publication design in the aerospace industry for twenty years. In 2010 I began working 
from my home studio creating art for educational publications and information graphics 
with hopes to also create art for children books and magazines.

Working with color again after working only in black and white for a long time, I discovered 

new ways to make illustrations by incorporating hand-drawn textures using my beloved 
childhood medium, colored pencil, together with Photoshop and Illustrator. My interest and 
expertise is in developing images that explain concepts and processes and provide visual 
 information. Minimalist design and shapes and textures found in nature are what inspire me 
the most and I have recently begun exploring plant life and nature through photography and 
personal art projects. Art prints of my work are now available in my online shop FILARIO

I have illustrated two educational books by self-published authors 

and I am available for illustration and design work for 
book covers, educational and non-fiction publications 
and information graphics.

Books I have illustrated:

The Apple in the Orchard
written and self-published by Sonia Di Maulo
written and self-published by Joel Abelson 

Photos below:
Color pencil textures and art prints of my most recent work,
Echinacea Leilani and Echinacea Purpurea
Both prints are available in my shop