Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The Mimosa Plant - Leaf 34

Drawing leaves has helped me stay focused and move forward with hope during this past year of strange, stressful and devastating events and experiences with all things COVID 19. I didn't post anything for a while here on blogger because of all of these distractions, and I am not sure if I will continue blogging but I will try. I am trying to keep things simple but I don't know how extensive that simplifying should be. I want to be able to have a place online to show my work and write about it but I am not able to manage too many social media platforms. I have been using my Instagram account mostly since I started using a smartphone in 2016, it's simple and fast. I take photos of plant life, my botanical art and the beautiful places we see on our travels. I don't know if anyone actually reads what I write on my Instagram posts or here on Blogger, where I seldom post? Nevertheless, I will continue to stay focused on drawing, creating botanical art and posting when I can. I will be taking each day as it comes with an open heart and open mind and being more "present and grateful" as quoted by Maya Angelou.

My 100 leaf project that I started 2 years ago (which I am not rushing to finish) is an experience that enriches my life in so many ways. I have resumed drawing from observation which I had abandoned for many years because my employment and freelance work required creating mostly digital art. I have been researching the identity of each plant, it's cultural influence and it's ecological and medicinal benefits as well which is always so interesting and educational. I haven't sold much yet, but a lot of people have responded positively to the botanical art I have created for my Etsy shop, Filario. This work is inspired by my 100 leaf sketches. I hope that I am making a positive contribution somehow by creating art that enriches other other people's lives as well as mine.

The Mimosa Pudica plant above is leaf 34 of my 100 Leaf Sketches. It is known as the sensitive plant because it folds up when you touch it. It symbolizes expansion, sensibility, sympathy and in the spring it's fragrant yellow flowers are offered in bouquets to women, to celebrate Women's Day. These symbols somehow express my present state of mind. We have lost some dear people in our extended family recently and my grief has led me to want to make room for new and positive perspectives about my life, my relationships and my work. I am presently taking some time to clear out the unnecessary, mentally and physically in order to enrich my life with experiences that have a bit more beauty, a bit more joy and a bit more meaning. There will always be challenges ahead, that's life, but there will be good days too! Every day is a gift and all people are gifts! We must celebrate them and celebrate ourselves even in simple ways!

I will soon be changing a few things here on my blog regarding the theme design and how I organize things, just to update the appearance a bit and we'll see how it goes? Happy New Year and wishing you all the best of health, abundance and creativity in your lives!

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