Thursday, May 2, 2019

Room to Grow

Spring is late but it is here! Feeling it’s energy for things that are about to blossom. Last week, my client, collaborator and friend Sonia Di Maulo provided me with a space to exhibit my botanical art prints in the room where she presents her workshop "Take the Leap, Grow into your Legacy"
She is helping me to grow my art business, and I am deeply grateful

Sometimes certain people appear in your life out of nowhere and they end up staying for a while because you were both looking for each other for important reasons. When Sonia asked me to illustrate her story, The Apple in the Orchard several years ago, this collaboration resulted into a gift of enormous growth between the two of us, and as individuals. This major book project led to many other creative projects we collaborated on, but it also led us to a relationship of trust and loyalty and to friendship. This spring, Sonia is offering a workshop with two important elements as a foundation: her story about a brave apple’s journey and her model of growth showing the different stages we must go through to achieve our legacy. I participated in this workshop and it is another gift of growth, but this time it is shared with many new and wonderful people I've never met who are on their own journeys! We are all searching for and discovering aspects of ourselves that we’ve either lost or never found in order to find meaning in what we are going through now, or in our lives as a whole. These discoveries will help us define what is most important to us so that we may live a life that is important, a life that we want people to remember us by. Sonia is helping us find these parts of ourselves, she is helping us listen to the whispers. We are also making connections with each other that will perhaps lead to even more relationships of trust, collaboration, loyalty and friendship. I am so glad and grateful to be part of this workshop and to be able to show my work and tell people about my botanical art projects. You can find out more about this workshop and more at

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