Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Lisbon - Azulejo Museum & Mosaic Sidewalks

It's been over a month since we've returned from our trip to Europe. This year we left quite late in September to visit Greece. The weather was much cooler and more stormy than normal in Athens where we mostly stayed but also quite rainy in Lisbon during our stopover on our way back home. Not fun for walking outdoors but perfect for visiting museums.

I have become more of a modernist in my taste for art gazing as well as art making and The National Azulejo (Tile) Museum we visited was quite a refreshing change from Europe's traditional museums, monuments and churches which often display lavish baroque style paintings, sculptures and ornate decor. Although the building itself is colonial in style, the actual indoor galleries are bright and airy and modern. The selection of tile art displayed is also quite diverse ranging from classical blue style to colorful neoclassical and geometric designs.

Walking around Lisbon was a beautiful experience. Exquisite architecture and design are present in all areas of the city including the buildings decorated with tiles, the horticulture, the fountains and the mosaic designs in the stone sidewalks and squares. The whole trip was a visual feast that has inspired me to appreciate design on another level. My photos in this blog are only a tiny glimpse of this city's beauty. Hopefully next time we visit Portugal it will be warmer with more sunshine :)

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