Sunday, July 29, 2018

A Botanist's Journal

In March, I decided to become a friend of the The Montreal Botanical Garden - Space for Life so I could visit whenever I want but also to enjoy certain other privileges like a magazine subscription, access to botanical documentation and books from their library, invitations to friend's workshops, access to special presentations and other various discounts. However the most important reason why I joined was to have somewhere to go that I loved, to learn more about botany and devote more time to keeping a journal of botanical sketches. Where else would I go if I wanted to create botanical art?

This past June the gardens began a summer long exhibition of oversized prints showcasing eighteen illustrations of world-renowned botanist Francis Hallé as well as hosting other activities and presentations related to his work. This was just the inspiration I needed to begin. Like many of us, a quick snapshot with our smartphones to save for a laterwhenIhavetime moment to actually draw by hand is common but I am tired of putting it off. So here I am, instead of going straight to my digital tools, I started using pencils in a dedicated art journal instead of drawing my ideas and observations on scraps of paper. I have a long way to go and as always I struggle to make time for art but I am motivated. I am not a botanist nor do I consider myself a botanical artist at this time, but for now I will focus on exploring leaf anatomy + design through drawing from observation in my art journal and to see where it takes me:)

You can find out more about Francis Hallé at The Montreal Botanical Gardens here!
Some sketches from my my botanical art journal:

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