Thursday, August 7, 2014

Summer Reading

I usually go away with my husband to visit family + to relax in Greece at the end of summer. Although I have improved my packing habits through the years by drastically decreasing the amount of things I take with me, I still cannot go without books because I love to read a lot when I am there.  I don't own an electronic tablet yet and I still buy old-fashioned "printed" literature which will have to be light in weight.

I have given a lot of thought about what to take with me this year. I will take some fiction, some interesting cultural magazine and some inspirational/spiritual book all of which I still need to choose. I will also take books about artists and the business of art. That has already been decided and it was the easiest choice - Uppercase Magazine! A magazine for the creative and the curious. I am grateful that I have had the privelage of discovering this exceptional Canadian magazine designed, curated, edited and published by Janine Vangool. This quarterly magazine has provided me with endless hours of inspiration with it's lavish pages of articles about artists from all over the world as well as several art industry resources. The themes are always super interesting and original and as an artist, I always feel a deep sense of community when I am submersed in these pages!

Above are the covers the Summer Issue of Uppercase Magazine which I will be taking with me and as an additional treat, I ordered Work Life 2. This is a directory of illustration, showcasing 100 illustrators from around the world with articles about them. There is also a more recent volume -Work Life 3. You can visit Uppercase here

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