Wednesday, June 25, 2014

IF - Summer

Spring was too busy. Summer is now here and looks busier than spring but I took some time out for an Illustration Friday drawing challenge for the topic "Summer". There are many things that make me think of summer but what comes to mind first is how to cope with the heat. So I thought of WATERMELON! A chilled slice of watermelon is always a healthy way to naturally cool down on hot days. I created this illustration using both vector art and hand drawn texture.

Happy summer everyone !


  1. Love it! Down to the little seeds and the crack in the middle. Great job! Now, I want some watermelon...

    1. Thanks for reminding me: looking forward to a watermelon salad you had promised :)

  2. What a lovely watermelon! Have a great Summer, Constantina!

  3. This watermelon is sweet like you!


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