Friday, February 7, 2014

Fleuve (River) by René Derouin

Today I went to see an exhibit of work by Canadian multi-discipinary artist and engraver René Derouin at the art gallery of the BANQ (Bibliotheque et archives nationales du Quebec) in Montreal.

He is an artist born in 1936 in Montreal and has created an enormous body of work throughout his life, some of which I had the opportunity to see today. Woodcut prints, linocut prints, paper collage with stencil cut-out by hand, and relief sculptures of wood combined with ceramics all mostly large scale. The exhibition is enhanced by short video clips displayed on screens in the different sections of exhibit that provide insight to his projects and is entitled Fleuve (river) because his artistic and life journey begins with his childhood experience of growing up by the St. Lawrence river and is portrayed as a theme in much of his work.

I have just discovered this artist and I would like to find out more
about him and his art. Printmaking was my favorite discipline in art
school and I am very inspired by the art I saw today. 

You can see more of René Derouin's art here 
brief biography here, and information about the exhibition here + here

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