Saturday, June 8, 2013


Spring is a busy time for me every year and I get involved with and distracted by many things. Nice things but mostly ordinary things. One nice thing about spring is the physical, psychological and spiritual feeling of renewal. It's all around us and if I keep my schedule with ordinary stuff simple enough to notice, I feel the renewal within me as well. 

I am presently devoting my time on many creative projects: illustrating an educational children's picture book for a wonderful teacher who is self-publishing, creating new work and revising existing work for my portfolio for children's literature and developing some personal artwork inspired by nature. This year I feel a very profound sense of renewal - a renewed sense of passion for my work. My experiences last year with artists and the Imagine a Story conference I helped organize and attended 2 weeks ago (which was a great success!!!) have helped me feel more connected with myself and my work. I am having fun. I am growing as an artist.

Another inspiration that entered my life via synchronicity recently is an amazing book - Design by Nature by Maggie McNab. It has been added to my collection of favorite books that have guided me on my journey to creative self-discovery, this time through nature's design and principles - immensely powerful and I am grateful for finding it.

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