Thursday, April 26, 2012

My First Book

It's been about a year since I launched this first blog of mine and now I am truly thrilled to have finished illustrating my first book. I feel that my experience with blogging even if it wasn't often, helped me go forward creatively by feeling that I have a place of my own to show things that I have done like other artists who blog. I have gone even further creatively by having the opportunity to develop the illustrations for The Apple in the Orchard. I have now established an illustrating style that I am satisfied with. 

I had been experimenting with combinations of hand drawn color pencil techniques and digital software for quite some time. Most of my illustrating life I had created black and white line drawings for technical illustrations and although I wanted so much to work more creatively using color and working by hand as a freelance illustrator, I wasn't content. I felt that I could not completely abandon my past experience using computer software not only because of how much knowledge I had but also because of how much I loved the results. I like bold graphic stylized shapes as well as having a lot of control of the consistency of line and color. I also love the possibilities that transparency and pre-customized patterns can bring to an illustration not to mention the practicality of duplication and scaling/resizing and (my BFF) the undo option. I have also discovered that I like limited color palettes.

My first attempt at acheiving something I liked, by using these techniques was the header for my blog and some other drawings I have posted on my blog but I still wasn't sure how versatile it was with other subject matter. Now after creating 11 more illustrations for this book, using both color pencil and digital software in a sort of digital collage technique, I feel confident about what results I will get when I set out to create an illustration. My style has finally taken "a" form - it is bit more recognizable - it is a bit more my own and I am eager to apply these techniques to all the illustrations I wish to finalyze for my portfolio. I Am Ready:)

I can't thank Sonia Di Maulo enough for asking me to join her on this journey and for having the confidence in me to create the illustrations for her beautiful book. The Apple in the Orchard will be available later on in a printed version but for now it is available as an e-Version in PDF format - Only until tomorrow you can download it for free! Visit:

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