Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Apple in the Orchard

Voila!  I am pleased to present the completed cover for the book that I have been lovingly creating illustrations for since this past fall, The Apple in the Orchard written by Sonia DiMaulo. It is an inspiring story about a very brave apple who finds the courage to emerge as a leader. The illustrations have been created using both colored pencil and digital techniques in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to collaborate with Sonia on this project. Sonia is an amazing person with so much to offer...she is also a communications specialist, the founder of Harvest Performance and provides leadership seminars to several local and international organizations on how to cultivate trust and collaboration through feedback in the workplace.

It has been a truly inspiring experience and one of personal growth as well because of my connection with this story and the pleasure of working with such an excellent communicator like Sonia. The Apple in the Orchard will be launched this spring as an e-book and later on it will be in print. Sonia and I were brought together by Carol-Ann Hoyte, librarian and children's book advocate who also played a major role in founding the Quebec chapter of CANSCAIP. We are both eternally grateful to her for connecting us. See more at

I am so looking forward to seeing the completed book and I will be providing details as we move ahead. I will be confined to my studio for the next 3 weeks happily drawing the final version. The official website is under construction and will be launched this spring as well. 
For now you can find updates and other very interesting related info on Facebook


  1. Congratulations Constantina! I look forward to see what the rest will look like. Sounds like a great match!

  2. Thanks Stella...can't wait to show you and tell you all about it...:)

  3. Thank you for your suggestion of a strawberry heart for my series...great idea. Congratulations on a lovely job on the book!

  4. Thanks means a lot coming from you!


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