Friday, September 30, 2011

Inspirational travels...

The Acropolis Museum

In August I travelled with my husband and my children to visit family in Greece. We spent some relaxing time in the village of Kato Melpeia, in Peloponnesus (southern mainland) and by the sea as often as we could and while in Athens we also visited The Acropolis Museum. This new and modern building was completed in 2007 and aside from the amazing collection it has on display, it is also an architectural masterpiece designed to capture natural light that is distributed on 3 floors. The entrance area outside and inside has a transparent floor showcasing the ruins of a settlement dating from Archaic to Early Christian Athens over which the museum has been built. It has a spectacular view of the Acropolis hill where the Parthenon stands and it is located along the very beautiful Dionysiou Aeropagitou street, just south of the Acropolis. There is something special in the air around the Acropolis that I feel whenever I visit...a surprising sort of rejuvenating energy...I hope I can visit again soon

The world of Antonio Gaudi

We made a short 4-day stop to visit Barcelona on our way back home to Montreal. My daughter is a big fan of Antonio Gaudi's work (a famous modernist Catalan architect). We were also curious to find out more about this city that has intrigued so many people to visit. Well it was quite a treat on all levels except that there was simply too much to see and 4 days were really not enough. We did however manage to see many of Antonio Gaudi’s masterpieces, The Picasso Museum, The Chocolate Museum and several monuments and churches.  I have no words to describe how beautiful and abundantly spacious this city is. We were truly amazed by all the styles of architecture...especially the buildings and parks designed by Gaudi - the uniqueness of being inside the places he has created transports you and you feel as if you are in a dreamworld

...below are some photos of the famous Casa Batllo, the mansion that Gaudi 
re-designed for Josep Batllo and his family...they actually lived fun!

...can't wait to get started on some new work soon...

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